shindigz Raise Your Swords: Pirate Birthday Party Ideas are Here!

Raise Your Swords: Pirate Birthday Party Ideas are Here!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate party for me! Pirates are a popular birthday theme, thanks to hit films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the children’s cartoon, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” Whether your party is inspired by these lovable characters or you’re hitting the high seas under your own original pirate flag, these party ideas will help you plan an unforgettable event.

Set the Stage for Adventure

Image via Flickr by David Matos


The right decorations will give your party an air of adventure. Coordinate your party banners, table covers, and backdrops to highlight your pirate theme. In the decor, feature the signature skull and crossbones insignia or a pair of pirate swords. Create a nautical or tropical atmosphere so your guests feel like they’re onboard a pirate ship or docked at a treasure-filled island.

A standing pirate ship made from cardboard will instantly engage your guests, and it will provide the perfect spot for unforgettable photos. Treasure chests can hold everything from your goodie bags to treats. An inflatable treasure chest cooler is the perfect solution for icy beverages at an outdoor event.

Send Them Home with Some Treasure


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Keep your little pirates busy with fun, themed activities. Pirate party ideas for your games may include a treasure hunt, walking a plank that’s balanced on two bricks, or sifting through a sandbox for coins and jewels. Place some gold coins into a chest and have guests guess how many are there. Mount some pirate hooks to a board and play “hook toss” with large plastic rings.

With the right accessories, your guests can dress up like brave seafarers. Offer eye patches, bandanas, and face paint. If you’re catering to crafty kids, you can set up a table for making spyglasses from paper towel tubes, or have them decorate paper pirate hats.

Serve Swashbuckling Treats


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No party is complete without some special treats. You can find dozens of creative pirate birthday party ideas for your food. Stick a skewer mast with paper sails into a hot dog, pickle, or celery boat. Carve a watermelon into a boat and fill it with fruit salad. Pirate sword skewers add flair to cheese cubes or other soft snacks. For a healthy twist, carrots or bell pepper sticks can become pirate swords.

For a chilling treat, freeze red punch into “crocodile blood” ice cubes. Serve them in a clear soda or juice, and watch as they bleed into the water.

Organize Activities for Your Mates


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Give each guest some special treasures to take home with pirate-themed goodie bags. Choose a skull and crossbones bag or mini treasure chest and fill it with little gifts like gold coins, plastic jewels, miniature spyglasses, and pirate flags. If your guests find treasures as part of the games and activities, give them drawstring bags for their booty so that they can collect fun gifts throughout the event.

With a well-planned party, your guests can enter the adventurous world of pirate lore for a few fun hours and head home with great memories and sweet treats. Bring Jake, his mates, and all your other favorites to life for your special event.


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