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3 Dora the Explorer Party Games They’ll Really Dig

You can’t go wrong by making Dora the Explorer the theme of your child’s next birthday party. After all, Dora is basically the Indiana Jones of the pre-K set, and who could forget her charming, anthropomorphic monkey sidekick, Boots, and her talking accessory, Map?

A birthday featuring this cast of characters is sure to delight, especially if it’s filled with theme-related activities. Here are three fun, interactive Dora birthday party ideas that will ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

1. Dora Obstacle Course


Image via Flickr by David Goehring

A hybrid between an obstacle course and a treasure hunt, the Dora obstacle course is a great starter game. As your guests arrive, have a family member or friend dress up as Swiper the Fox (a simple black mask should complete the disguise). Then Swiper can “swipe” guests’ presents into his black sack (or a Dora’s Flower Adventure Loot Bag), and run away. You can then hand out mini soccer balls to the guests and give them instructions on the obstacles they’ll need to overcome to reach their goal, just like Dora does on TV.

For example, you might tell them, “Kick the ball around slippery rock (possibly a big rock in your yard), through the icky-sticky sand (maybe a sandbox), under the leaves of the forest (an oak tree will suffice), and into the goal.” The guests can then keep their soccer ball as a prize for completing the course, and once the game is done, Swiper will return with the gifts.

2. Dora’s Flower Adventure


Image courtesy of

This is Dora’s twist on the classic game, pin the tail on the donkey. With Dora’s Flower Adventure game set, you’ll get a large game poster, eight Map stickers, and a blindfold. After being blindfolded, each guest spins around and gets a turn at trying to stick Map back where he belongs.

3. Dora Barnyard Dance Party


Image courtesy of

To play this game, you’ll need to print out the Dora barnyard dance spinner on sticker paper and gather a cereal box or heavy paper, scissors, a straw, and a fastener. Stick the spinner on a circular cut-out from the cereal box and poke a hole just big enough for the straw in the center of the circle. Cut the straw so that it fits the hole.

Attach the spinner to the board with the fastener, allowing enough room for the spinner to move freely. Put on your favorite barnyard tunes, and let each guest take a spin. Whatever character the spinner lands on is the dance the guests do (e.g. gallop for the horse) until the music stops.

Your little Dora fan is sure to be thrilled at these three party ideas. These activities put a fun twist on classic party games that toddlers will love. Your birthday boy or girl and his/her guests will be so happy with the party, you just might be tempted to serenade yourself with a chorus of Dora’s famous “We Did It” song once it’s over!

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