shindigz Ready. Set. Create the Perfect Table for a Dora the Explorer Party

Ready. Set. Create the Perfect Table for a Dora the Explorer Party

Dora the Explorer has been inspiring young people to learn, explore, and play since she first showed up on TV in 2000. So throw the coolest birthday party for your youngsters by giving it a Dora theme and filling the house with great decorations and, of course, the perfect table. Every guest will love going on an adventure amongst these colorful, vibrant decorations.

Ceiling Danglers


To create the perfect Dora the Explorer party and themed table, you don’t just have to focus on the table settings and the centerpiece! Decorate the entire room to achieve the perfect ambience and immerse the kids in a full Dora experience. Kids will love looking up and seeing festive curlicue decorations hanging from the ceiling featuring Dora and Boots. Mix and match them with hanging pink, green, and yellow fluffy tissue balls to create an exciting, artistic effect.

Great Gift Bags


Make each table setting exciting by placing little gift bags for each person. You can buy ready-made Dora-themed bags including hats, Fun Dip, and stadium cups, or you can make your own with cool keychains, charm bracelets, sunglasses, and stickers. Items like sunglasses are great because the kids can play with them right away. Stickers and keychains are great for taking home and decorating backpacks and notebooks.

Spanish Language Fun


One of the great parts about Dora the Explorer is the opportunity to learn Spanish words while watching an engaging show. Make little cards for each place setting with a party-themed word in English alongside its Spanish equivalent. Place a different one at each table setting and encourage the kids to locate the objects and name them in Spanish. Once the kids get the hang of the words, make it into a game of Spanish I-spy.

A Terrific Table


You can go all out with great Dora the Explorer table decorations. Get themed plates, napkins, and cups and pull it all together with the perfect Dora tablecloth. Have fun putting together a centerpiece kit with pictures of Dora that stand up and arrange pretty flowers around them.

Balloons Galore


Instead of going for standard party balloons in different colors, go all out with themed balloons. Get latex balloons with Dora and Boots printed on them and let them float about the room. Add Dora-shaped foil balloons to your decorative display. If you’re feeling really festive, get a giant Dora mylar balloon, which is 21 inches high and will be life-sized for all the kids at the party. That way, kids can enjoy hanging out with Dora while they eat cake.

The Tastiest Cake


Of course, the centerpiece of any birthday party is the cake. Deck yours out with fun Dora molded candles. Or, create a beautiful tiered centerpiece filled with cupcakes. Use the Dora candles as decorations on the cupcakes and light the top tier so the birthday girl or boy has something to blow out!

With so many Dora the Explorer party supplies to choose from, your party will have the perfectly outfitted table. Even eating and drinking will become an adventure with festive, colorful plates, napkins, and cups. Every young guest will love hanging out, adventuring, and eating cake with Dora and Boots!

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