shindigz Dora the Explorer Party

Ready. Set. Explore Our Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Ideas

How do you thrill your little girl on her birthday? With a Dora the Explorer birthday party adventure to share with all her friends. Even if you’ve never planned a theme party before, with these great party ideas, your event will come off like you hired a pro.

Set the Stage for Fun with Your Invites


There are a lot of adorable Dora the Explorer invites, but if you want to really delight your guests, these handmade “backpacks” are just the ticket. Start by drawing a map to your house with text about the party details and make copies. Download the free “backpack face” template from the Nick Jr website and print a copy for each invitation. Buy purple-colored paper bags from a craft store and glue a face on each. Roll up the maps and drop one in each bag. Fold over the top to resemble a backpack and deliver to your invitees.

Set the Stage for Exploration and Fun


Build a sense of adventure for your guests with Dora the Explorer banners and tissue paper flowers strung from the ceilings. Make two signs, one in English and one in Spanish, for things in the party area such as “chair” and “silla.”

A piñata is always a hit at children’s birthday parties; a Dora piñata filled with candies and trinkets is a fun decoration that will excite the kids. Don’t forget balloons and streamers for a festive effect.

Serve Dora-Worthy Party Food


If you are planning to serve a meal, a taco bar is a great idea for a Dora the Explorer theme party. Keep it simple by prefilling the tacos with meat for the little ones to top.

If snacking is more your style, serve taco chips with a variety of dips like salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese, and bean dip. Make easy, cheesy quesadillas by putting shredded cheddar and jack cheese between two tortillas and microwaving it for a few seconds. Make fruit skewers with chunks of pineapple, banana, orange, and mango. Serve fruit juice or an exotic tropical fruit punch in Dora-decorated paper cups.

You can even do a fun twist on the traditional birthday cake by serving warm cinnamon churros with vanilla ice cream. Give the birthday girl a special cupcake with candles to blow out. Save time and mess by purchasing individual cups of ice cream.

Plan Some Fun Activities


Image via Flickr by Steven Depolo

A great activity to get the party started is making Dora’s yellow and blue friendship bracelets. Set out blue and yellow plastic beads (you can add some other charms or colors, if you want) and let the children string two or three strands. Help them tie them around their wrists.

If you are creative, you can plan a treasure hunt. Draw up a map and include some fun homemade obstacles like a “swamp” made from a plastic wading pool and a “jungle” made from potted plants and inflatable trees.

You can also make a version of pin the tail on the donkey by making a poster board Dora and letting children pin on a backpack. Don’t forget to plan time for whacking your Dora piñata; give each child a small goodie bag for collecting the candies that fall out.

Send your young guests home with some Dora-themed party swag like jars of bubbles, animal stickers, mini-magnifying glasses and compasses, friendship bracelets, and colorful candies. They’ll go home with happy memories of your Dora the Explorer party.

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