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Yummy & Pirate-Friendly Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Food Ideas

If your son or daughter is a fan of Disney Junior’s show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, a pirate-themed birthday party may be perfect for your little swashbuckler. Simple pirate decorations, eyepatches for guests and lots of loot will make your party a fun-filled adventure on the high seas. With all of their plundering, pirates can get awfully hungry, so here are some ideas to keep your guests fed and satisfied while they battle Captain Hook for the best treasure and most glorious adventures!

Treasure Chest Cake


Image via Flickr by aalphotos

No pirate party is complete without treasure and what better way to load up on loot than with a charming treasure chest cake? A sheet cake mix, chocolate frosting, and plenty of candy spilling out from the inside is all you need for your party guests to say,”Yo ho! More cake, please!”

If you opt to make cupcakes for your guests rather than a cake, save yourself some time and energy with these skull and crossbones pirate cupcake pics. Simply frost your cupcakes, add the flags, and voila! These make for the perfect pirate confection for each and every guest.

Pirate Grog

When is root beer not really root beer? When it’s pirate grog, of course! A plain, store-bought bottle of root beer transforms into a refreshing and fanciful treat with just a few tweaks. Add pirate stickers or a skull decal to each bottle or wrap them in burlap or strings of rope for a seafaring feel.

Pirate Loot


You can turn many ordinary foods into pirate loot with a little imagination and some thoughtful labeling. Put out the following snacks labeled with pirate names:

  • Cheddar Goldfish crackers: Shark Bait
  • Pretzel sticks: Pirate Peg Legs
  • Malted milk balls: Cannon Balls
  • Chocolate gold coins: Pirate Booty

As an alternative, make a snack mix containing goodies such as Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, mini pretzels, and gummy candies in a variety of shapes. Place it in a large bowl and label it “Pirate Loot.” Your party guests will eat it up!

Fruit Fancy Pirate Ship

Provide some much-needed vitamins to your scurvy-ridden crew with a tasty and decorative watermelon pirate ship. Slice the watermelon in half lengthwise. Then, use a melon baller to remove the insides of the watermelon and set aside.

Cut the sides of the hollowed-out watermelon to look like the sides of a pirate ship.  Replace the watermelon balls in the ship along with a mix of other cut-up fruit such as cantaloupe, blackberries, and strawberries for a colorful and healthy treat. Add a skewer with a skull pirate flag for a dastardly touch.

Pirate Booty Bags


Send your guests home with some memorable treats and party favors. Pack a mini treasure chest or a Jake and the Neverland Pirates loot bag with chocolate gold coins,  and other fun and memorable prizes or food items.

Don’t forget to serve your pirates delicacies on Jake and the Neverland Pirates place settings with a themed tablecloth and centerpieces. You can pull it all together with some skull and crossbow flags hanging around the room and balloons to match. With just a little planning and a few creative ideas, your little pirates will remember this party as aaargh-uably the best pirate party ever.

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