shindigz angry bird party idea

Get Angry: Fun Angry Birds Birthday Ideas for Kids

Does your child love Angry Birds? Why not make his or her next birthday party an Angry Birds theme? With so many imaginative activities, games, food and decorations, an Angry Birds party is easy and fun to put on. Plus, your child and all of your party guests will have a blast!



Cute and simple pre-made invitations for your Angry Birds party will save you time and hassle. Or, if you are feeling crafty, you can make your own with the many printable templates available on the internet. Another idea is to create a more 3-D effect using cardstock or construction paper.



These fun tissue poms set the perfect scene for your Angry Birds party. Add some great Mylar balloons and a red and yellow tablecloth and your party is ready to go.

Games and Activities

Egg Painting Activity

Hard boil some eggs in advance and then set them out in the cartons with a variety of craft paints. Let the kids paint their very own Angry Birds to take home at the end of the party. Or they can eat them as a party snack! Have some pre-painted eggs sitting out so that the kids will have a sample to look at or provide a template so that their eggs will come out looking great.

Angry Birds in Real Life

What could be more fun and exciting than a life-sized Angry Birds game? Use a variety of boxes and boards stacked in crazy ways with pigs (balloons or balls painted green) scattered throughout. Make a giant slingshot and paint some balls as the different birds. Or, if the giant slingshot is more work than you bargained for, simply purchase some surgical bands at a hospital supply store and have two strong adults hold each end while the kids pull back and fire. Your party guests will be lining up for hours to try to knock down those dastardly pigs.

Perfect Piñata

A piñata is always a hit at any party.  Try this King Pig or red bird piñata filled with delicious red, yellow and green candies for a delightful activity that the kids will love.


There are a variety of different options for your Angry Birds birthday cake. One creative way to carry out the theme is to create a cake that looks like the real thing. Or, a round cake decorated like one of the birds or King Pig is a nice touch.

Along with the cake and other treats, it is a good idea to add some healthy snacks to fill hungry tummies and counteract all the sugar. Angry Bird Bagels are a fun lunch idea. Add to that some healthy fruit with the Watermelon King Pig.

Party Favors


Don’t forget to send your guests home with some fun party favors. Some simple favor bags filled with candy and some stickers or other fun prizes will give your child’s friends a nice reminder of the party.

With a few simple and creative ideas, your Angry Birds party will be a huge success. For more easy and inexpensive Angry Bird party ideas, visit We have everything you need to throw your child the Angriest Bird party of all time!

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