shindigz angry birds party

Thick Eyebrows Required: Find Lots of Angry Birds Party Favor Ideas

Furrow your thick eyebrows and get ready for a party with some of the angriest birds alive. Thanks to the popularity of Angry Birds video games, cartoons, and toys, there are plenty of fun party favors that will help make your party a hit.

Get Into the Spirit of the Game with a Slingshot Foam Shooter


Anyone can turn on a video game system and let guests play Angry Birds. Braver hosts can offer each guest a slingshot foam shooter to play the game in real life. The Slingshot comes with foam balls that are just heavy enough to knock over empty cans, stuffed animals, and other lightweight items.

Hosts can get the party started by setting up stacked obstacles like in the game. Guests can then take turns shooting their foam balls at the obstacles. Whoever takes the fewest shots to knock down the stack wins the game. Of course, everyone wins since they get to take the slingshots and foam balls home with them.

The Slingshot is easily one of the most fun Angry Birds party favor ideas.

Let Guests Look Tough with Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos


Angry Birds temporary tattoos are inexpensive and fun. There are plenty of options, including a variety of birds and Bad Piggies, so guests can choose their favorite characters. Adult hosts can help young guests apply the temporary tattoos during the party. The kids will love wearing and showing off their silly body art.

Get Decorative with Angry Birds Stickers


Any fan of the video game will enjoy Angry Birds stickers to put on folders and video game systems. You can also encourage guests to use their stickers to play games. For instance, have everyone decorate a large sheet of paper with stickers and drawings, or try a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Put it All Together with Angry Birds Loot Bags


Angry Birds loot bags give you a fun way to organize party favors for your guests. The Angry Birds bags have blank spaces where you can write guests’ names. You can fill each bag with the same favors or customize the loot bags to match the interests of your individual guests.

Save Time with Angry Birds Favor Packs


If you don’t feel inspired by these Angry Birds party favors ideas, then you might want to get pre-made Angry Birds favor packs. Each favor pack comes with:

  • a slingshot foam shooter
  • an Angry Birds stadium cup
  • Angry Birds stickers
  • a prism squawker blowout for making noise
  • packs of Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • a mesh bag so guests can keep their favors organized

This is a quick and easy option and it gives your guests a lot of loot to take home. Whether you shop for your own party favors or purchase ready-made favor packs, kids will have fun with their brightly-colored loot bags.

With so many Angry Birds-themed games and goodies to choose from, your young guests are sure to be aflutter with excitement at the party, beginning to end.

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