Baby shower cake ideas that are cute and delicious

The baby shower cake is the centerpiece for the party. The cake must coordinate with the baby shower’s theme, look amazing and taste delicious. When sorting through baby shower cake ideas, remember to keep in mind the preferences of the mom-to-be. If she loves buttercream, make sure your baker includes a buttercream layer or frosting and that the cake’s style reflects her style.

Tiered cake

A traditional tiered cake always looks great as the star of the sweets table, and it’s a versatile canvas that can be transformed to coordinate with any baby shower theme. For a large shower, consider a three-tier cake covered in smooth fondant and decorated with an adorable little baby bottom peeking out from under a blanket as the cake topper. A cake artisan can sculpt this topper and even include the words “coming soon” across the diapered bottom.



Sculpted cakes and sheet cakes

Work with a cake designer and have a unique cake made to look like a diaper bag, baby blocks or a baby bottle. Create your own super-cute ducky cake with our 3-D ducky cake pan. The ducky cake works great with a variety of themes and is ideal for a non-gender specific party. Transform sheet cakes into shaped cakes that resemble a baby onesie or old-fashioned baby buggy. Very often these designs can be created by a home baker with cake-decorating skills.

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Cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional cake. Not only are they a favorite sweet treat for many, you can arrange cupcakes in a special design to complement the baby shower’s theme. Work with your favorite bakery or cake designer to create a baby buggy shaped from cupcakes. This design is sure to be a hit with the expecting mom and shower guests. Another eye-catching option is the cupcake tower. Our sweet server cupcake tower holds 32 to 48 cupcakes, depending on the size. It stands almost a foot tall and, when filled with beautifully decorated cupcakes, will become the centerpiece of the table.


Cake Flavors

When ordering a baby shower cake or cupcakes, be sure to ask for a tasting before agreeing to flavors. Remember that fondant doesn’t have the richness of buttercream, but it usually is the better choice when ordering a sculpted cake. The options for cake flavors often include traditional vanilla and chocolate as well as red velvet, spice and mocha. Buttercream fillings also vary, ranging from cream cheese to chocolate, spice and even banana. Fillings for layer cakes include dark chocolate or white chocolate mousse, as well as fruit fillings.

Baby shower cake ideas are limitless. When planning a baby shower, your guests will appreciate the time you’ve put into choosing the perfect cake that not only looks great but tastes heavenly.

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