Tutu Much Fun Birthday Party

Every Little Girl Loves Ballerinas


The Pink, The Tutu and The Dancing…

A great birthday party theme for girls is a Ballerina-Themed party. Shindigz’s Tutu Much Fun Party Supplies that will make planning this party a piece of cake.



For Starters, what is a birthday party without some cake? These days cupcakes are taking the place of larger cakes, giving your party guests many different flavors to choose from. Dressing up your cupcakes with tutu much fun cupcake wrappers is a fun way to tie it into your theme. Plus, they can be personalized if you would like.



Your little ballerinas will enjoy taking some party memories with them. Shindigz has the perfect ballet favor packs that will send your guests home remembering your special event. They come already loaded with fun favors all the party guests will enjoy


After all the sugar kicks in from the cake and ice cream, give your little ballerinas a way to burn off some of that energy with a pink ballet slipper pinata! You don’t have to fill it with more sugar, you can fill it with other goodies like stickers, rings and tutu much fun blowouts.

A great way to end the party is with a craft. Try having them draw a picture of themselves on a piece of construction paper. Before the party have your birthday girl help you dye some coffee filters, then these can be used to glue on to the construction paper as a tutu.


Author: Shindigz

At Shindigz, fun is what we do best … and we’ve been doing it for a long time! We are your destination for inspiration and supplies for making your family’s little moments a whole lot more fun.

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