Oktoberfest Party Ideas for the Office

You don’t have to go all the way to Germany to throw an awesome office party, but you can bring the festivity of Oktoberfest to your workplace gathering. With a little bit of planning, some help from Shindigz, and a lot of creativity, you can throw an Oktoberfest office party everyone will be buzzing about all year. What are you waiting for? Break out the bratwurst and get planning with these tips for Oktoberfest party ideas.


Put It All On the Table

One of the most important parts of a successful Oktoberfest-themed party is definitely what’s on the table, so planning out your menu is a great place to start. While most people think of frosty steins of beer when they think of Oktoberfest, there’s actually much more – and much more office appropriate – items to serve (though you can still serve beverages in steins for a special touch!). Your best bets when it comes to food? Go with traditional choices like bratwurst, pretzels, sauerkraut, crusty bread and warm potato salad. If you have a healthy budget to work with, you might even consider adding in some classic German desserts like apple strudel. Since the food is so important to your Oktoberfest success, you might consider utilizing economical solid-color tableware and utensils to offset the better-than-basic menu.

Set the Scene

Even if your party is held right at your office, you can always use décor to amplify your theme. If you’re able to take the party outside on a patio or outdoor space, the fresh air will instantly add to the fresh-air feel of Oktoberfest. Even if the party is held in a break room, simple décor pieces like centerpieces and classic blue-and-white details can add plenty of merriment.


Dress The Part

Another simple way to instantly bring a bit of the best of Germany to your office party it to provide some clever, festive Oktoberfest wearable props. Depending on how formal your party has to be, you can give out anything from simple hats to suspenders. The best part? When you distribute props, you’re sure to have plenty of pictures to boost morale and preserve memories of your amazing Oktoberfest office party.


It may seem obvious, but having a little on-theme musical ambiance can be the perfect finishing touch to drive your theme home for your guests. While a live band is ideal, it’s probably not practical for most office affairs – but that doesn’t mean you can’t load up a playlist with some jaunty polka to get your coworkers feeling that Oktoberfest festivity.

Author: Shindigz

At Shindigz, fun is what we do best … and we’ve been doing it for a long time! We are your destination for inspiration and supplies for making your family’s little moments a whole lot more fun.

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